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  1. autofidelity - Integrated automotive electronic solutions for Audi's.
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  3. 2012 Audi Q5 (8R) Integrated Rear View Camera with Dynamic (Moving) Guidelines
  4. 2012 AUDI Q5 (8R) Integrated Touchscreen Navigation
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  6. 2015 audi q5 (8r) integrated alpine rear seat entertainment system
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  8. 2015 audi q5 (8r) integrated heated seat retrofit with aftermarket controls
  9. 2012 audi a5 (8t) integrated rear view camera with dynamic guidelines
  10. 2015 audi a3 cabriolet (8v) integrated heated seat retrofit with aftermarket controls
  12. 2014 audi q5 (8r) touchscreen integrated navigation system
  13. 2015 audi q5 (8r) integrated rear view camera system with dynamic guidelines
  14. 2015 audi a6 (4g) electronic boot opening and closing
  15. 2015 audi a6 (4g) integrated heated seat retrofit using factory controls
  16. 2015 audi q5 (8r) electric folding mirror retrofit using genuine parts
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  35. Audi A5 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
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