View Full Version : Silver dial surrounds

March 31st, 2004, 01:32 AM
hopefully someone here will now a little about this....i was looking on ebay i saw these silver dial surrounds for a3/s3.....quite cheap as well.. but what i was wondering....how much effort is it to have these put on.....hopefully nothing major like pulling up the entire dash

March 31st, 2004, 01:44 PM
hey travis dont know about the A3s, but for Golfs we have to pull the gauge cluster out. then very carefully and without damaging too much pull the clear lens off, and do everything reverse

i heard the damage risk of this task is quite high so it's putting me off it...

March 31st, 2004, 04:01 PM
That wont be easy to do as the clear lens is stuck to the binacle, so the risk of removing it without cracking is high and putting it back would be a mpia.