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March 7th, 2007, 04:27 PM
I recently purchased a new MY03 TT grille on ebay to upgrade my wifes MY99 TT. For those that don't know the MY99 has a 5 bar grille and the MY03 has a three bar grille. Big deal I hear you say. Well there is a bit of difference and I actually prefer the 3 bar one.

This is a 5 bar grille:
This is a 3 bar grille:

This upgrade process was traditionally a remove the front bumper upgrade but someone in the UK wrote an article for the TT owners club in their magazine called absoluTTe on how to do it without even opening your bonnet.

It can be found here (http://home.iprimus.com.au/maree_trent/grilleremoval.doc). The download is 1MB and it is a microsoft word document.

I decided to try this first and it was very easy. The instructions are great. It took me about 80 minutes (as I was using the measure twice cut once theory) but I reckon I could do it again in around 30 minutes now.

My only additional tips are:

Wear an old long sleeved top to avoid cutting your arms (like I did)
It takes a bit of manipulation to get your arm up behind the grille but it is possible - refer Kama Sutra for further details
The tabs on the old grille are probably brittle and will break (well mine did - ahhh doesn't matter cuppla days)
Work in really good lighting but not direct sunlight as you have to look for tiny plastic tabs with shadows while your eyes adjust to the changing light (and you will get burnt by the sun like I did)
To remove the metal clips from the nipples (again refer Kama Sutra - only kidding - refer to the article) use your wifes or girlfriends vanity mirror so you can see what you are doing. Do not let metal clip fly off and break mirror (like I did - shhhh she hasn't discovered it yet)
Be patient and gentle with your tugging (again refer Kama Sutra)
Instead of using tape and the block of wood as mentioned in the article I used old cloth nappies rolled up to protect the duco.
Have a beer when you are finished as an excuse to admire your work and then relax while getting more hints from the Kama Sutra

If anyone in Melbourne wants a hand with the upgrade just PM me. I feel like an expert now. Thanks to qstix on the UK TT forum for sending me a scanned article of the original. I didn't take any photos because the ones in the article are more than adequate.


March 7th, 2007, 07:47 PM
better idea... do grille upgrade when front is off for timing belt or front mount intercooler install :big_wink:

April 5th, 2007, 10:52 PM
hi ttrentt,
where did you buy the 3-bar grille from and how much, if i may ask?

April 8th, 2007, 09:42 AM
hi ttrentt,
where did you buy the 3-bar grille from and how much, if i may ask?

Purchased off eBay for $70. The seller put a body kit on his TT almost straight after purchase and had it lying around. He was also selling his factory exhaust from cat back (a couple of 100kms use) for $50. So I bought that as well and put it in the shed for backup as our TT does a lot of short trips. I believe the chrome tips are worth more than that. Seller was happy (both sold within 30 minutes of listing) and I was more than happy.

Not sure how much the stealerships charge.


July 21st, 2007, 01:14 AM
Don't know if u guys are interested...

TT stuff is selling the 05' OEMs grills for like $184 AUD

not sure about the dealerships...

woot my first post ever! just got my self an 01 tt ragtop! hope to be posting more soon!