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April 16th, 2004, 09:21 AM
Yesterday we managed to install the kit.. I've got some more photos to add with them on the car... but here it is.

So far stopping impressions are good, Chux & I did some hard stops yesterday and they seemed to just improve as time went on.. Still bedding them in so a few more days to go but you can tell they are very strong :D

They have a great 'wizzzzz' sound when you give them a hard stop from about 80 to 100 as the air rushes through the vents and through the cast holes, its a very addictive noise :D

No bad noises, knocks , squeels or anything adverse so far. They are a excellent upgrade and look the business when spinning !

Here are some pictures

OEM (312x26mm) Vs Porsche 993TT (322x32mm)


Stainless Lines & Disc Thickness /w Venting


Rubbish Stock setup. Single Piston


Stock Calipers


Poor Shot, But you get the Idea


I'll post some pictures tonight of the wheels with them...

Sorry about poor quality... Chux also has a Video with some good footage