View Full Version : Programming B5 2.6SE / A8 IR Remote Central Locking Keys

August 23rd, 2008, 04:58 PM
I didn't even realise my car had remote locking until recently (thanks to Audi telling me it didn't :beat:)

Here's how you program it:

The batteries required are type 386 batteries x 4.

They're installed (with the key pointing upwards):

- -

To program the remote, you turn the ignition on with the spare key then lock the door with the key you want to program

Point the remote at the receiver on the B-pillar and press it a couple of times (changes the memory allocation, one press per location)

After each press the horn should beep

After pressing it a couple of times to set the memory position (obviously you want 1 position per remote otherwise you'll be overwriting) you wait 5 seconds

The key is now programmed and should work as per usual

Hope this is helpful to someone.