View Full Version : Stage 1 tune - audacious

August 10th, 2020, 10:18 PM
First .... wow!

Iíve tuned bikes before with great success. However a sports bike is already tuned somewhat for performance so I would expect decent results.

i never expected such good results from the A4.

When I rang European Autotech, I was quoted figures of up to 230kw from a stock 165kw.

Service was great. The only thing I would suggest is to tell customers itís a 98 octane tune so they can be forewarned to run the tank empty as turned up with a tank full of 95 and had to run that down before I could really stick my boot in. But when I did.... wow!

Iím no sure of the output or if it is 230kw as I only have the seat of my pants to go by. What I can say though is that the improvement is remarkable. In every gear, at any rev range it just pulls like a beast.

So much so itís turned me into a hooligan!

Great service and fantastic result on the APR tune and big thanks to European Autotech. I would definitely recommend their service.

August 22nd, 2020, 12:27 PM
Thanks for this. Been thinking about an upgrade for my SQ5. I thin the APR stage takes it from 260kw to 300kw which sounds pretty tempting :)