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    Sweden, situated in the Northern Europe, is the birthplace of the Nobel Prize which is conferred to eminent goldraiditemcom715 scholars with pioneering accomplishments in specific fields. People of Sweden are well-known for their creative thinking and invention. The country is very conducive for international education since a sizeable portion of the entire population is well-versed ...
  2. Google Earth in Audi A6 2017

    Hi All,

    My apologies for possibly asking something that has been already answered however I wasn't able to find it hence seeking your help and guidance.

    I'm trying to get Google Earth going in my Audi A6 2017 and via rSAP. I have Samsung Galaxy s8 and I tried to follow guidelines and instructions both on the web as well as via specific instructions via Audi booklet. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried to reset both Audi Connect and my phone with the same result.
  3. [car tools] Top 3 portable car jump starter

    A Large car jump starters have been in the market for the past few years. But with advancement in technology even smaller jump starters are becoming more common in the market. The best portable car jump starters are not only designed to fix your battery, but also are designed to convenient and safety.
    #Top1 Tattu 12000mah jump starter car battery

    Tattu jump starter is a multi-function car jump starter. Tattu portable car jump starter has 12000mAh 12V 400A peak with built-in ...
  4. A5 DSG DL501 Remap

    Hi all, over the last 4 years I have been working on a A5 3.0 TDI project with a couple of local (SA) providers but in the last 18 months we have been hitting an invisible barrier as follows:
    Stage 1: Intercooler upgrade and ECU remap with excellent results Power (at wheels) 150kw to 180kw Total Torque (at wheels) 591Nm to 714Nm.

    Stage 2: Turbo upgrade (Machined compressor housing and fitted larger compressor wheel + HD Thrust Bearing + Lighten exhaust wheel) and removed Cat/DPF ...
  5. Red stitching/highlights

    Quote Originally Posted by BS_S3 View Post
    yep thats pretty much the option I am talking about that is now offered on the FL, I really like it as it adds a little something to the cabin that I dont have in my preFL 8V (with SPP2 seats) but the wife doesnt think looks any good (she thinks she is sytle queen as she drives a mini roadster convertable) so I thought I would ask you guys to get a second opinion......
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