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  1. Audi S3 2014 TURBO

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an Audi S3 2014 and am in the progress on doing a stage 2 tune. I have come across some forums/blogs with people mentioning the Turbos in the Audi S3 2014 model is problematic.

    Can anyone relate to this and has anyone had any issues with the Turbos in this particular model.

  2. 1996 cabriolet

    I was recently given this cabriolet and am in need of assistance.
    Can anyone give me access to a workshop manual, wiring diagram and/or an owners manual.
    I'm diagnosing why fuse 14 blows. I've narrowed it to the white/yellow cable on the drivers side rear that feeds into the boot lid. I've disconnected that cable and now everything works except the reversing light comes on with the brake lights. Help!
    I live in Perth, WA.
    Thanks in anticipation. ...
  3. Wtb - 30lb 310-315cc Audi Injectors for B5 K04

    Quote Originally Posted by leventis View Post

    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
    Aren't stock B5 S4 injectors 345cc's? Could you not use some of them?
  4. A3 date and time have reset

    Over the past month or so the date/time on my 2001 A3 1.8T have reset to May 4th 2001. It's happened 3 times. Any idea what's causing this ?
  5. A4 B8 2.7tdi dpf removal

    Has anyone removed a dpf themselves from an A4 B8 2.7 tdi. Mine has the short pipe fitted but looking at it, looks like the actual dpf won’t come out without major work.
    Understand I will need to get it remapped after I cut the guts out.
    Any tips for removal would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Kev
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