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    Does anyone know if Castrol Edge sport 5W-30 is the new version or equivalent of Castrol SLX Professional powerflow (VW longlife III 5W-30)?

    For oil topping up, I used to get the Audi's own Longlife III (same stuff as Castrol SLX Pro Powerflow) from dealer $41 for 1L bottle whereas I saw the Castrol Edge for only $51.95 for 5L bottle at Supercheap Auto. Talk about mark up if these are the same stuff!!!!!

    Do you think I can use Edge for topping up? It's also 5W-30 and fully synthetic but it doesn't say VW 504 00/507 00 on the specs.

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    to be a 100% sure maybe call castrol ! or a mechanic...
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    If you go to castrol website and download product data
    you will find mention of VW 502 00/505 00
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    Extract from UK forum - RS246 thread.

    Below is an article written by John Rowland, Silkolene/Fuchs Chief R & D Chemist for 40 years.

    Costs of synthetics vary considerably. The most expensive are the �Ester� types originally only used in jet engines. These cost 6 to 10 times more than high quality mineral oils. The cheapest synthetics are not really synthetic at all, from a chemists point of view. These are in fact specially refined light viscosity mineral oils known as �hydrocracked�. These have some advantages over equivalent mineral oils, particularly in lower viscosity motor oils such as 5w-30 or other oils with a low �W� rating such as 5w-50 etc and they cost about 1.5 times more than good quality mineral fractions.

    We use several different grades of this base oil, where appropriate. This is the �synthetic� which is always used in cheap oils that are labelled �synthetic�.

    Yes it�s a cruel world, you get what you pay for!

    Now, you may ask, why are these special mineral oils called �synthetic�?

    Well, it was all sorted in a legal battle that took place in the USA about ten years ago. Sound reasons (including evidence from a Nobel Prize winning chemist) were disregarded and the final ruling was that certain mineral bases that had undergone extra chemical treatments could be called �synthetic�.

    Needless to say, the marketing executives wet their knickers with pure delight!
    They realised that this meant, and still does, that the critical buzz-word �synthetic� could be printed on a can of cheap oil provided that the contents included a few percent of �hydrocracked� mineral oil, at a cost of quite literally a few pence.

    So, the chemistry of �synthetics� is complex and so is the politics!

    The economics are very simple. If you like the look of a smart well-marketed can with �synthetic� printed on it, fair enough, it will not cost you a lot; and now you know why this is the case.

    But, if you drive a high performance car, and you intend to keep it for several years, and maybe do the odd �track day�, then you need a genuine Ester/PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) synthetic oil.

    This oil costs more money to buy, because it costs us a lot of money to make, very simply, you always get what you pay for!

    Mobil 1 = PAO
    Motul = Not all are proper but believe V300 is Ester
    Silkolene = All Pro S and R are Ester
    Castrol RS = 10w-60 Hydrocracked (SLX 0w-30 PAO)
    Millers = Hydrocracked as far as I'm aware
    Comma - part of Exxon Mobil = AVOID definately hydrocracked
    Shell = Most are hydrocracked, there are some PAO's
    Carplan Triple R = Hydrocracked
    Fuchs Supersyn SL range = PAO
    Total = Some PAO, most hydrocracked
    Valvoline = Hydrocracked
    Redline = Most Ester
    Royal Purple = Most Ester

    It seems that some of the oils are UK specific, but I've seen a few of these here - I've always discounted the Fuch range , but seems like the Supersyn might be the go.

    I'm not saying the Castrol is not good, I've used that and the Shell Synthetic in all my cars but it is interesting that they are not really what they claim to be.
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    Thanks all for your input.

    Looks like there is quite a difference in Castrol SLX and Castrol Edge. Castrol SLX Professional powerflow is listed on Castrol website's professional range.

    I better stick to Castrol SLX Professional powerflow longlife III. Has anyone seen these on retail stores?

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    Call REPCO and order a 20L Drum for $269.00 Works out $67.25 for 5L. Better than the $93.00 Audi quoted me for 5L

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikka33 View Post
    Call REPCO and order a 20L Drum for $269.00 Works out $67.25 for 5L. Better than the $93.00 Audi quoted me for 5L

    Thanks mate, I will do that.
    The car could do with another oil change.

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