Hi All,

I'm wanting to change some fluids/filters for my TT. It's a 00 model TT Quattro 6SPEED with the 225HP engine. I got mixed answers when I called up for parts etc, so I thought I'd get it confirmed on here before purchasing parts.

I'm after a part no. or alternative part no. (repco etc etc) for my engine, being that there are two types for this model. SO if anyone knows where to get and how much please help!

- Oil filter
- Oil? What type and rating should be suitable?
- Gearbox oil? What type and rating should be suitable?
- Coolant, I'd just go with TELACOY 100, but reccommend others if this isn't that suitable.
- Battery terminal (positive) my bolt has rounded and wouldn't tighten up properly, I want to change this, do i need a replacement directly from audi or could i get a generic one and hook it up with some modification?

Any help would be appreciated! Also, is there an easier way to clear the service light or would i have to get my laptop and do it through VAG-COM?

Cheers guys.