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Thread: Sony to Audi wiring loom and amp questions

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    Default Sony to Audi wiring loom and amp questions

    Hi all,

    First Audi, first week, first post! I love my new machine, but it's just old enough to not play MP3s. I read about swapping the changer for one with MP3 capability, but I really want bluetooth as well. I'll go with a new head unit and reckon I'm going to buy the sony ( - it looks good in the flesh and I think it may even suit the console.

    First and foremost, does anyone know where the best place to score a Sony to Audi adapter may be - not overly important, but it would be nice? And second, how does the sub work in the Chorus system? I mean does the head unit amp it or is the amp further down the line - if so, I can just plug the Audi sub into the Sony sub-out and not have to bugger around with much???

    Thanks for reading,

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    personally, i would stay away from sony head units. they just arent up to scratch with their competitors. if you want bluetooth, i would suggest going Alpine with the 350BT adapter, or JVC (BT-1, Avx44/77)

    the adapters can be bought from supercheap/wow/autobarn/etc

    not entirely sure on the stock sub setup, but i know you cant just plug it into the aftermarkt deck. its wired into the harness, not RCA's
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    Getting or making an adapter shouldn't be too hard.
    Pop down to Supercheap, pickup a Sony to ISO adapter.
    It's not just a matter of plug n play, you'll need to make some modifications to the wiring. It'll also be different for Bose and non-Bose systems.

    You just need to bare a few things in mind if you plan to use the existing speakers:
    - Bose systems use line level outputs from the h/u, to the Bose amp, the amp then runs the three sets of speakers
    - Non-Bose systems use the h/u's internal amp to run the front speakers, rear line level outputs from the h/u are used to supply a small amp to run the rear speakers.

    You're better off installing new amplification & speakers and run new wiring.

    You can add MP3 capability to the Chorus h/u for less than $200 and about the same for bluetooth.
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    Thanks guys.

    dcc236 - do tell me more! How can I add the MP3 funtionality? What do I need?
    2004 A4 1.8T Quattro S-Line

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