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Thread: VAG Terminology

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    good to know :)


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    Quote Originally Posted by jnrdavo View Post
    AFM Air flow Meter

    AFR Air Fuel Ratio

    BAT not British American Tobacco, but in fact...Big Ass Turbo

    Blower Supercharger

    BMC CDA BDC is the company, CDA is the Carbon Dynamic Airbox. It's a replacement for the stock audi air filter and housing.

    BT Big Turbo or Blue Tooth

    CAI Cold Air Intake

    DV Diverter valve (VW version of a BOV)

    EBC Electronic Boost Controller

    MAF MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR. it always fails and always causes grief- learn what it is and how to clean it and half your issues are instantly solved.

    IMO In my opinion

    FMIC Front Mount Intercooler

    TBE Turbo Back Exhaust

    REPS Replicas

    VAG Volkswagen Audi Group, an obsolete name (1978-1992) of the current Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen AG), a German automaker.

    Also may be used in reference to VAG-COM which is a third party Windows-based software package, produced by Ross-Tech, and used for diagnostics and adjustments of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Škoda vehicles.

    WOT Wide open throttle (foot to the floor)
    Very useful to know...

    Anyone able to share what VCDS stands for?

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    Vag Com Diagnostics Software at a guess (used to be called VagCom)

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    Thanks for this. Great read for a noob

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    Good to learn the terminology.

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