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Thread: Back from the ALMOST dead!

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    Default Back from the ALMOST dead!

    I have only owned her since July, but she seems to have built herself a bit of a reputation around here, so I guess I should have a laugh about it.....

    A number of you have met the old 100 that I picked up for a song.....
    Well recently she decided to spit the dummy big time and catch fire in peak hour traffic.

    After hurriedly turning into a side street, firetruck called, and putting her out, damage was only very minor.

    ALAS......... I drove her home half an hour later and she lives to see another day!!!

    Should I dyno her on Saturday for a laugh?

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    I would Love to see the Old girl on the dyno
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    hmm dyno on saturday... im up 4 that
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    your game after all the grief its been :)

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    I know.......

    I don't intend to dyno her........just waiting to cop the peer pressure on Saturday now!!!
    Can somebody pass me the fire extinguisher?

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    Put it on the dyno!!!!
    I wanna put my peer pressure in now coz I'll be up on the central coast...
    Shame I wanna see the old girl spinnin that dyno up

    Have fun,

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