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Thread: Got my new A5 Sportback!

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    Smile Got my new A5 Sportback!

    I got my new A5 Sportback 2.0TFSI Quattro today and all went pretty well. The colour is Ibis White with 18 inch alloy, front sensors, roof rack and Nav. Just need to go through and learn how to use it.

    Got good tips from this forum on how to bargain. I did not have a good experience from one of the dealers. You have to be very careful on checking the drive away price on the new A5 Sportback as one of them charged nearly $5000 (before LCT and stamp duties) for dealer delivery and was told this is the new recommend charge from Audi. They only gave me a few thousand off the price (equate to hardly any discount at all). I have never encountered this from all my previous purchases.

    Went to the second dealer and asked for 15% and got it straight away with senosors and roof rack thrown in.

    Just need to spend the weekend learning how to use all the functions!!

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    Congratulations and welcome to the club! Indeed you have done well by shopping around the different dealers and avoid the stealers. 15% is decent/good and is what most will consider reasonable. Did you get it new?

    Exciting days ahead and as usual, WE NEED SOME PICTURES!!!
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    geez 15% off just like that. pretty good work!

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    Good work mate =) Picssssss

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    I will get some pics soon once I learn how to upload! The car is new from existing stock, built in Jan this year and compliance this month

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