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Thread: Replacing the battery in an MKII TT

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    Default Replacing the battery in an MKII TT

    Due to the battery being in the boot of the MKII, you can't really throw any old battery in there. Besides the Genuine Audi (Co branded Varta) Battery - $340 RRP from your local Stealer, you can put in an Odyssey high amperage battery instead.

    I got mine here:

    (Batteryworld are about $495 for the same one)

    Remove brackets, covers, etc.


    Ok, now remove the positive one.

    It's slightly smaller, but the mounts work all the same, and the battery posts are in the same position as well.

    Foam fits back in fine, as the battery is the same height as the old one.

    After you reconnect the battery, you will need to do the following:

    Key in, turn to 'on'. Leave it there for 5 minutes. Lots of lights will appear on the console.
    In the meantime you can move your windows all the way down, then all the way up again.
    Reset your DIS clock if need be.
    Turn off the ignition.
    Turn on the ignition and start the car, go for a drive around the block.

    If you have any lights still showing, you can get your VCDS (Vagcom) out and reset/clear the errors.
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    Thanks for posting this as I was thinking how to do it myself.

    So it's no different to swapping over a battery in your average old car?

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