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Thread: S3 replacement brakes & servicing

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    Default S3 replacement brakes & servicing

    Hi Folks,

    I would appreciate a bit of advice on my 60k service (Its a 2007 S3). What should I expect to pay (I've been quoted $1,200 by the dealer)?

    No work has been done to the brakes yet, although I do have the annoying low speed squeal, as discussed by other forum members. I strongly suspect that I will need pads and discs all round at further cost ($2,000 by dealer). Is there a better option than OEM that is not going to break the bank.

    I intend on keeping the car another eighteen months so I want to look after it, but without giving money away to the dealer/service garage. I'm in Brisbane and did see Michael Weber recommendations so I have asked him for a quote.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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    You've alreay answered your own question....

    Michael Weber will do a log book service for considerably less than ACB. I have my A3TQ serviced there (in fact it will be in on Friday for it's 75K service). My 60K service last year was approx 2/3rds of your quote.

    Get them to check you brakes at the same time.....may not be as much work required as you think.
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    Cheers Aaron
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