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Thread: A4 / A5 / Q5 Q5 2.0 TFSI Burning Oil Problems - Information Here

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    It's worth doing the $400 stage one fix as it could fix the problem and if it doesn't at least Audi will document the consumption issue.
    $599 in WA
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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if there is any recent information on fixes to this problem. I bought an Audi A5 2010 last year(without doing sufficient research clearly), it started out with just 1L/1000km but is now burning 1L/300km. I have spoken to an Audi dealer today and have started the process with their oil consumption test but am wondering at the eventual repair cost and reliability post repair? The car is now at a point where I take it to the mechanic that often and don't trust it anymore as it will break down at random times, coil packs and spark plugs will get changed and it will start to work for a few hundred km before breaking down again. There is clear oil contamination/fouling on the spark plugs when removed.

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    My A5 coupe started blowing black smoke and consuming significant amount of oil. So had the pcv, spark and injectors changed with carbon clean up. But was told that nothing will fix this u less opening up the engine for a total clean out. Hmmm. What a pity. Such a nice looking car

    The mechanic also said this is getting common due to the long service interval and seen in many German cars. Is this so?

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