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Thread: Audi mecahnic in Adelaide

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    Anyone used volksfactory at Holden Hill?

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    Hi everyone,
    sorry if this is off topic. I am looking for a place which is familiar with Audi or German cars to do some body kit installation/fitment. As I am planning to buy some body parts from ABT. Thanks guys!

    p.s. Asked German autos earlier but they only do servicing and performance upgrade.

    Kind regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowndes8 View Post
    Anyone used volksfactory at Holden Hill?
    The guys there know their stuff but I found their service pretty terrible and their manors not too great either, Would stay away from volksfactory. North East Motor repairs does all my work, Scott there is a great man with great knowledge of all cars and isn't afraid to dabble in euros

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    Sam @ German Auto knows his stuff!

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    +1 for German Auto. Take my RS4 to them exclusively. Great service and know their stuff.

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    Back from the dead...! - is GA still the go-to place in Adelaide? Need some work done...

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    Yep I reckon so

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    i need an oil leak looked at on our A6.
    have been to Volksfactory, never again.
    AVW found them to be honest, friendly, etc etc. recommended
    any other Audi mechanics north of Adelaide ?

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    If anyone needs a hand Iím located northern Adelaide. Have a hoist and Odis diagnostics and a bunch of VAG special tools
    Iím currently building a DRC service pump system soon. Far is Iím aware no one has these kits not even Audi. They told me they have to call other dealers to see who has one.
    So hit me up if ya need a hand

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