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Thread: Codes - Product (PR), Option, Feature, Sticker, ETKA model

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    Default Codes - Product, PR, Order, Option, Sticker, ETKA model

    I found a great site for decoding the options fitted to your car, as found on the sticker inside your service manual. For example, 1BA is for Standard suspension/shock absorbers - in ETKA, this would be written as "PR-1BA" in the Model column. It looks like it will decode the lot, no matter what you prefer to call it:

    Product code, PR code, Order code, Option code, Sticker code, ETKA model number code


    There's some explanation here:

    (PS: I realise that these things get posted from time to time, such as in a thread below, however, this site is relatively new and I wanted the thread title/content to be easier to search on, using the included terms).
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