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Thread: PROJECT: (R)S2 = More Power

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnrdavo View Post
    So is that close to 900hp at the crack?

    How straight does it pull when all the horses come in when the turbo spools up?

    I miss that feeling!!!

    Awesome job mate..

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    Surprisingly straight and true... providing the tires hold traction.

    It is a great feeling
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tas_Audi View Post
    A 2nd battery doesn't fix the problem it just delays the inevitable, if the alternator cant keep up with demand. 1 or 2 batteries makes no difference.
    Respectively disagree in these circumstances. Runs at 98% with the existing alternator so it seems. 100% apparently needs extra amps to keep the voltage up. How often / for how long does any engine run at 100%. The top 2% of the power band, drag strip or standing 1000 mtrs is about the only time you'd need that 2%, between 8 and 20 seconds perhaps. For those you could run it on battery alone.
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