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Thread: B5 RS4, the story continues

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    The earlier posts covered the first 6 months of ownership, with 18 inch wheels, new dampers and springs and replacement front rotors and calipers. Buy a car with 280 Ė 300 KPH potential and youíd want the underpinnings to be to race standard as the priority before paint and more performance.

    Since then itís been a gradual evolution with the major upgrades below:

    Front Suspension
    new F & R lower arms
    SPC adjustable top arms
    32mm Eibach front ARB in an attempt to tame the 034 25mm rear bar
    AK Motorsport drop links
    Metal tie rod ends

    Rear Suspension
    Complete rebush of rear suspension
    AK Motorsport Diff carrier with modified factory bushes
    ECS front diff mount

    New OE RS engine mounts
    Auto trans gearbox mounts

    In addition to the custom seat covers already fitted
    Sullivan Racing Products Alloy pedals (great feel)
    Tanoga short shifter (changes car, matches clutch feel)
    Boost and Oil pressure Gauges (Multiple positions and pods before settling on dash top mount)
    Liquid Gauge (UK OBD reader set in dash)
    Dash Cam (without GPS speed reading)
    new front mats
    Perforated steering wheel, shift boot and arm rest covers (Better than Alcantara for me)
    Multiple mounts for phones and GPS. Settled on Clic-On, works for me. Still having evolutionary thoughts about the GPS position. Function over form, the Garmin / Tom-Tom GPS are very hard to beat for function so no thoughts of integration via an RNS-D or equivalent aftermarket unit.
    Replace interior door handles (Broken springs)

    LED bulb kit
    Phillips LED Fog lights (OE Fogs removed when Wagner IC fitted)
    Bosch aerotwin wipers

    Full timing belt and ALL bits change out.
    new reservoirs all round
    Coil upgrade with metal coil adapters and a Euro plug and play kit. Reversible if needed.
    GFB Diverter valves
    CSF Alloy race radiator (still to be fitted)

    Courtesy of a past life, I had most everything in the hand and power tool range. Missing was all the special tools required for AUDI work
    Engine lift and stand
    20 ton press
    Race dollies

    Touchy subject. With old cars, the threat of parts being NLA is continuous. Bits crop up from time to time on forums that magically appear in the post weeks later. Impulse buys, stuff to put away for a rainy day, some truly rare bits and a shipping container sized room is full. Despite all that, there are always parts that are needed.

    Buying a spare engine (in bits with damage) and gearbox also called for parts for that inc Full gearbox kit, new turbos, oversize pistons, bearings, seals, clutch and a whole pile of bits that didnít end up with the engine as it moved on. The bits cost as much as the original package ++

    Spreadsheets are a boon when you get to 10 pages of bits and most importantly, where you put them, sometimes years ago.


    Thatís a potted list of the last 5 years, both car evolution and the associated perils of tools and spares. Like many others on this forum, you never count the time in developing changes / tracing problems which can go through days, weeks or months until right. Many of the items have been covered in some detail in separate posts scattered throughout the Forum. There is always more, so this thread remains open.
    B5 RS4 : Lightly modified -- C5 2.7 allroad -- B5 A4 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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    Quote Originally Posted by IchBautAuto View Post
    Dash Cam (without GPS speed reading)
    I see what you're doing ..... wise move
    2000 Avant A4 B5 Turbo Quattro - Powered by QMS E85 K04

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khoa View Post
    I see what you're doing ..... wise move
    "You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment" Nevertheless, how embarrassing to have the wrong people see a digital record of something that never happened. I've used some dash cam footage to crop out a still of something interesting and bugger me, time, date and speed is plastered all over the image in the allroad. Not with this one
    B5 RS4 : Lightly modified -- C5 2.7 allroad -- B5 A4 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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