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Thread: B5 RS4, the story continues

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    Default B5 RS4, the story continues

    Well, it's been a bit over two months. Petes story is here ( and it's highly recommended reading. For me, it has been time to assess which way to head in the ongoing story. The following is a brief update in not too many words of the more immediate things that have been completed.

    It was always my intention to wear the OE wheels and it still is. Pete and I are still trying to put together a set of hard wheels that we thought we had in the first place. In the meantime, I needed to move the 19 inch wheels on so I procured a set of wheel blanks locally and had them machined to the OE size. The offset is a real limiter here, but we got it done. These are only temporary but I'm happy with them.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Factory offset.jpg 
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    The suspension units were in dire need of a refresh after 13 years and 244,xxx Km. A lot of very generous advice and despite it all I went for the Bilstein B12 kit for the S4 Avant. Installed it gives RS4 factory ride height and complements the 034 rear bar very well. Ride is actually firmer than the OE suspension, which may be due to a lack of gas in the OE dampers. Very happy with the choice however, I was hoping to get a small increase in ride height. As it is, clearance is 109mm under the DTS and 101 mm under the Wagner Cats. Just legal.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In the process of changing out the suspension units I found a few issues that were unsettling in one way or another. The MAF is new, but the securing screws were overlooked during the replacement.
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Name:	MAF screws.jpg 
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    The front rotors are seriously undersize at 28.6mm. Hard to understand how these got through all the services. More disturbing was the pinch bolts for the upper control arms. When I removed them, one was 10mm dia (correct) and one was 9mm (not correct). The last control arm replacement was done by the dealer.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9&10mm bolts.jpg 
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    One a bright note, I have some replacement Alcantara seats for the RS and I have been puzzling on how to keep them clean. This may not be to any ones taste but I have managed to stitch together some sheepskin seat inserts which are supremely comfortable and keep the Alcantara covered for daily use. Easy enough to whip them off when needed.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Seat Covers.jpg 
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    Early on I thought that I would try and reduce the drone from the exhaust. I have used this successfully on other projects and it has also helped level the luggage compt floor with a full size spare on board. Unfortunately, to little avail. Back to the drawing board on this one.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thats it for now. Waiting on a Brake solution as a matter of urgency. Perhaps another unusual solution to come.

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    Looking good Tony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IchBautAuto View Post
    Well, it's been a bit over two months

    It was always my intention to wear the OE wheels and it still is.
    I prefer the standard wheels on that "Beast" over the five spoke any day, either that or proper BBS, the car deserve nothing but the real quality wheel. If you intend to collect original parts for the "Beast", i happen to have the standard rear sway bar from it and happy to give it to you for free, just pay for the freight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khoa View Post
    I happen to have the standard rear sway bar from it
    PM sent, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcc236 View Post
    Looking good Tony.
    Happy as. Its driving really well. Juggling the brake options at the moment, which is the last urgent thing to do. The "easy" option of OE rotors is $2,200 + from the dealer and $1400 from OS. A million DIY kit combinations and then the full Brake kits from a surprising number of sources. At best some $2500 between the good options and at worst $4,500+. Gives me something to ponder if I'm awake at nights.

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    Subscribing to this one.
    What wheels are those on it at the moment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambolover_pradz View Post
    Subscribing to this one.
    What wheels are those on it at the moment?
    Koya. I was serious about getting out of 19 inch so when we couldn't put together a set of OE hard wheels I picked up something temporary until Pete and I can get it together. Brought in from TW I believe as raw castings and machined and drilled to spec in Australia. Only way to get the B5 RS offset without waiting months. A set of 5 cost me as much as one forged wheel, and as they are TUV and JWL certified, thought I would try my luck. Same pattern as the last series V8 wheels from the UK. Seen Targa Tas teams using them and some AMG Mercs so if its good enough for them............

    Must say that so far I have found them to be indistinguishable from anything else. Minimal balance weights and drives just like OE. Also and partly due to the RS offset, you could fit any 360mm brake system under there with room to spare. Not that it will help if they don't fit under the OE wheels.

    Once I get the OE wheels, I'll transfer the Zeros over. Just put these away with my other families of wheels that seem to have accumulated and hold up my house from underneath.

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    A quick update with some pictures to follow later. Time to take the next step. Just returned from a 3500 Km trip in the RS and it was completely uneventful. Mileage is now nudging 250,000 Km. I'll do a scan later to see if any codes have popped up during the trip but nothing obvious. Used about .5 Ltr engine oil and the other fluids remain to the line. The REVO tune has been user friendly so I haven't felt the need to revert and experience the standard tune. Very happy to say that it is possible to buy a high mileage unit and with an appropriate further investment, have something that is robust and reliable for daily use. That said, if you are inclined to watch the pennies, this is not an easy choice. I could have a good S4 for the additional dollars spent since I took over this car, and you can hardly see where its gone. Whats more, there is more to come. Just noticed that a few cables in the engine compartment loom have hardened and the insulation cracked. I haven't thought much about how to deal with this at the moment but I'm sure that I will be soon. Nevertheless, every step is one closer to a return to awesomeness.

    I've been watching the S4 tuning posts with some interest and the to and fro on the benefits of buying an RS instead of an S4 for those who are contemplating modifying the engine output. Tony makes a compelling case for that choice and it is sound engineering. My only reservation in Australia is that with a relatively small base of RS4s, it would be a pity to loose a very good original to the altar of modification. Pete had already set the wheels in motion with mine and so I have decided to continue and make a swag of minor (reversible) changes that in my opinion make the car better for me. Nothing that can't be taken back but I'm no longer wedded to absolute originality that I once was. That said, I think that a mint original would be a good thing to save.

    Front Brake change out today. I managed to get an ECS stage 4 kit from Peter which arrived Wednesday, great service. Then this morning I had another delivery, a set of OE RS4 rotors that I had ordered quite some time ago and were it seemed on the slow boat from UK. So now a surplus of riches. The ECS kit goes on and the new OE rotors and old OE calipers go into the archive in case of return to standard requirements in the future.

    Once the brakes are done, the only remaining chassis work left is a full control arm kit, rear suspension re-bush and all the various mounts. While most posts detail the known weak points of the 2.7 engine, the chassis refresh easily costs the same again and as the platform ages, it is something that is well worth keeping in mind.

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    I hear you on the keeping her somewhat standard. I'd find it hard to go all out on an RS4 and would prefer to keep her how she came from the factory.
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    Unfortunately, even if you had the intent on keeping everything original it would be more costly in the long run replacing items with genuine.My 2cents worth.

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