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Thread: Tethering phone data for Google Maps

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    A few recent Audi Connect improvements!

    Have just noticed significant improvements to the Fuel Prices and Parking info menus - at least in Melb. Both are now offering comprehensive, practical and very useful local information. Not sure when this happened as I'd previously given up bothering to look! I also suspect more local content is now available under the City Events, Travel Info & On-line News, although certainly nothing new under Weather or Country Info (unless I take my car to Europe!) and still no access to 'On line Traffic' - by far, the greatest limitation.

    The new Fuel Prices and Parking content are excellent and most welcome. Also managed to confirm the above with either a tetherbox or SIM connected MMI 3G+.

    One comment for those configuring or building their own Tetherbox, it's most frustrating that IT gear, including their drivers and PC OSs typically have very short version & product cycles (often only marginally longer than perishable food!) - much shorter than vehicle systems! This will introduce added challenges getting all the components to properly link up, especially if changing any of the hardware.

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    I agree - petrol prices are something that I will find very useful, my MMI was only tweaked today and I'm having fun exploring atm.

    Google maps & street view will come in handy too, great for business addresses!

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    Guys got a comment back from auto fidelity. They said they can retro fit Apple Car Play but not Android auto on 8v.

    You can get in touch with them if you are interested in pricing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keldo View Post
    Just an old A4 B8 2008, retrofitted MMI 3G in December last year, but since I've tested many different MMIs on it.

    Sorry - 3G Plus. I have variant 9498, which I have updated to K767 (disk 8R0906961-DH).

    Unfortunately Australian Audis don't seem to come with a SIM slot, but if you have MMI 3G Plus with AMI module, you can enable Google maps for under $50... here is how you can do it:
    1. Make sure you a phone that supports tethering (like iPhone) or a mobile hotspot (Samsung), or MiFi or Pocket Wifi, or your home ADSL router when you're playing with your car in the garage
    2. AMI to USB Cable (USB end must be Female)
    3. USB/Ethernet Adapter -- D-Link DUB E-100 (rev A4 or B1) has already it's drivers built into QNX so just get that!
    4. Ethernet to Wifi adapter (any brand and model will do) they all need 5v power, you can steal power from the AMI usb port itself.

    You can source all your items from eBay...

    1. Turn on your Hotspot device.c
    2. Connect Ethernet-to-Wifi adapter to your laptop first just to make sure it connects ok to SSID and gets IP address via DHCP, make sure it works as a bridge and connects automatically at every boot.
    3. Connect Ethernet-to-Wifi to your AMI
    4. In the green menu go to "Config/Install Fair Mode". This will enable the dhcp server and DLinkReplacesPPP via USB
    5. Go to google and activate GEMMI, it stands for "Google Earth MMI".
    6. Go to /diagnose/coding/internal_modules_1+2 and make sure you uncheck the:
    - 1. Online POI (Off)
    - 2. Online Portal (Off)
    - 3. Online Navi (Off)
    - 4. Offroad Navigation (Off)
    - 5. Online POI voice (Off)
    - 6. Leave PSD (Off) and ECALL (Off) untouched.
    7. Check your Wifi hotspot and make sure it has a host connected, check MMI and make sure it has an ip address via dhcp (iphone uses range of 172.x.x.x).

    To get online traffic:
    1. VCDS into 5F, Adaption channel 69 add +32768 to the existing value (this will enable online traffic)
    2. update efs-system/etc/resolv.conf with nameserver of (google DNS) - if you don't know how to do this, then you will need to use my update script via SD card.
    3. reboot MMI

    If your VIN number is not whitelisted for online traffic.
    1. you will need to inject a working VIN into your FSC file.
    2. Patch MMI3GApplication to hide your VIN (HexEdit address 384866, Change 4E to 09 and 8D to 00)
    3. Reboot twice

    Hi I thought I would revive this post as it had been really useful but I am stuck in the last part

    So far I have followed the instructions so I get access to Audi connect services such as weather, fuel prices, google earth etc. The main thing that I had wanted to get access to was online traffic. My car is equipped with the MMI 3g+ without sim

    I added +32768 which then displayed online traffic option on the menu

    However when I go to to this online traffic option to active it

    It says

    "Your licence has expired.
    The online traffic data must be activated again before they can be used"

    Please refer to the attachment

    I believe it is because my VIN is not whitelisted as it had been eqipped without SIM according to the Audi database.

    How can I add nameserver to resolv.conf file?

    Can you please provide detailed information for these two steps shown below? What equipment's will I need to do it?

    1. you will need to inject a working VIN into your FSC file.
    2. Patch MMI3GApplication to hide your VIN (HexEdit address 384866, Change 4E to 09 and 8D to 00)
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