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    Had mine for 1 year now. I had my window wipers loud shudder for about a year since brand new (didn't rain much but annoying when it did, also not an S1 specific issue...).

    12,000km done, did one service and nothing wrong with it mechanically/electronically. Had to top up oil at 8,000km.

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    Rudiger86, nice ride!

    Have you tried or do you know for sure if the Stop/start system can be disabled through VCDS? I talking about the Stop/start that kicks in when you disengage the clutch when at a full stop.

    Also do you have a part number for the black centre caps? I've saw some on ebay but not sure if they fit and the sellers either don't know or won't reply.
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    What colour combo S1 did everyone opt for? Pics would awesome!

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    Was there any option other than yellow...

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    Just wondering if anyone else has replaced the clutch yet. Looks like Sachs is the way to go and I'm thinking organic, not sure if I should replace slave cylinder as well.
    How much should I be looking at to install?
    Where is the best priced kit available I'm looking overseas at the moment, no real local options?

    Cheers All

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