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Thread: Enabling online traffic with Audi Connect

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    excellent news. So Domerich, have you got this working on yours? If so, can you share all the steps?

    Also, does this require 4G, or DAB+?

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    I have a 4F Audi but it will work with any MMI 3GP unit. DAB+ has nothing to do with it. Just copy a working dataPST from a working unit to your unit.

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    Is there any info anywhere about getting MMI appropriately patched with a VIN that has fruitful online entitlements?

    I have a valid VIN to use with my retro-fitted MMI 3G+
    Do I have to spoof or inject VIN into fsc?

    Any advice appreciated

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    Does anyone know how to get this working?

    I have mmi 3g+ without sim but I followed instructions to get weather, fuel, google earth etc. The only thing that does not working is live traffic as my VIN is not whitelisted for live traffic.

    I have a VIN that is whitelisted for live traffic but I do not know how to go ahead can someone help please?

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