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Thread: 2009 Q5 crash! Upgrade options to 2015 facelift front end?

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    Default 2009 Q5 crash! Upgrade options to 2015 facelift front end?

    Hey all,

    My Audi had a bit of an incident heading from Nimmitabel to Brown Mountain a few weeks ago - blizzarding conditions and ~20cm snow on the roads. Highway was closed behind me but the carnage ahead was intense.

    Long story short, my car failed to come to a complete stop on a slight downhill (from 10km/h) and clipped a tray back ute (no damage there). Managed to drive it home, but the damage is as follows:
    • Passenger headlight
    • Bonnet
    • Passenger guard
    • Front bumper
    • Rear bumper
    • Windscreen
    • Internal supports

    Tl;dl - I want to put the 2015 facelifted front end on. I'm not going to worry about headlights at this point, but I figure if I purchase the new fog light inserts & the new front grille, and the smash repairer can get the new parts, there should be no issues, right?

    I'm looking to see if anyone has experience with the two different models and is familiar with the mounting points. I know that a bumper/grille upgrade requires the new bonnet but I'm not sure about anything else.

    I've spent hours researching, and I've read that the A5 facelift upgrade requires no modifications, and that someone successfully did the Q5 facelift upgrade but did not do a writeup of it.

    Any wisdom would be appreciated!

    PS, pic is from the beginning of the blizzard, about 20 mins before the prang.


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    Sorry to hear mate.

    In order to complete a facelift on the Q5, you will need:

    - FL headlights with new brackets/supports as they are different between FL and PFL
    - FL Bonnet
    - FL Grille
    - FL front bumper

    Grilles between PFL and FL are different, and will require you to change the bumper, and the bonnet will then need to be changed.

    Good luck

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