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Thread: Are there any WIN stories from the 2.0t oil consumption saga?

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    My car is 2010 but only 60k's. Previous owner was a bit lazy with servicing on time, not k's but was serviced at audi for the first few. Think it's worth pursuing? I took the rear muffler off for a bit more noise, should i put it back on before putting it in for consumption test if i go ahead?

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    If I don't do it will it use more and more oil? it's at 1L per 1000 now. How long will the engine last roughly?

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    geebus, a litre per thousand k's... that's crazy.

    It wouldn't matter how old the car is, or how many years out of warranty it was, I would pursue it as its a known problem with these engines. Audi needs to fix it, end of story

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    Quote Originally Posted by meiztom View Post
    If I don't do it will it use more and more oil? it's at 1L per 1000 now. How long will the engine last roughly?
    No real correlation between the oil consumption and engine life. Excess piston to bore clearance or ineffective oil control rings at one end; or top end oil seals at the other will in themselves do no damage. If the rings should break then that is another thing, but by no means is that necessarily the outcome. The potential for a EPA ticket for emissions and the cost of oil are your biggest immediate worries. At $25 / ltr, petrol is cheap by comparison.

    In no way trying to minimise the consumption issues, just put in perspective re your own investment in the car. I suspect that in many cases AUDI is playing the 3 wise monkeys.
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    Quick question:
    I am looking at a facelift A4 B8 (2013) on Carsales.
    At Carsales in the specs section, it still has the CDN engine as per pre facelift B8's.
    Does this Engine CDN but 2013, have the updated pistons and piston rings?
    At Carsales the car has the updated A4 body, ....lights etc, but has the CDN engine is this correct?
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