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Thread: 2G MMI update discs

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    Thanks for the ISO's broke90 . Getting a 2007 A6 C6/4F Sedan 3.0TDI Quattro this week so hopefully I can update it to the latest version if its not done already.

    Are the latest Aus sat nav maps available online or do we have to purchase them directly from Audi?

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    Ive just bought a 2007 Allroad A6 Quatro and it has a Harman/Becker Model BE 6394 Automotive system in the rear left compartment of the boot.

    The DVD in there has AUS V 13.0 200 8772 printed on it (so assuming that is the map release ??

    On the colour screen it shows Media Version as AT_10300_2346

    Database Version AA61/20060822130507

    With all above, the question is

    Can I buy an updated DVD (from where) ?

    Can I copy someones or download either a DVD or maybe updated database that I can reburn to a DVD ?

    Thanking you all in advance


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    Hi all

    Does anyone have the ISO files for maps update after 2006? I have an Audi A6 4F with MMI 2g fitted and I have the maps disc dated 2006 which is really old and many roads and details are missing.

    Can anyone help me to find the link to get the updates?


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