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Thread: 2G MMI update discs

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    Success At Last !!!!!

    Happy camper here, after being able to upgrade my 2007 S5 Firmware from 3250 > 5570 with the 8K0 998 961 images.

    I have uploaded both sets into my cloud storage and will keep it there for as long as it's free to keep it up there. Thank you broke90 for finding the initial
    4L0 998 961 version

    Link to 4L0 998 961
    (A6/A8/Q7) >

    Link to 8K0 998 961
    (A4 B8/A5) >

    I would really appreciate if nobody tried to make money out of this, as I see countless people selling copies of these files on ebay for quite a bit of money

    The upgrade took close to 2 hours, the longest being the 2nd run of 2nd CD which upgrades the phone software from 0 to whatever the latest. So I would definitely recommend having a charger connected to the battery

    After the upgrade I noticed that the bass in the B&O amp has substantially increased

    Also noticed that the CD player now reads the ID3 Tag info from MP3 CDs you play (earlier versions only showed you the file name as its written in the CD). You have an option in setup to choose which info to be displayed.
    On the negative side, after the upgrade my MMI start screen now says S6 instead of S5

    Haven't noticed anything else substantially different other than the above so far.

    Cheers :)

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