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Thread: 1997 a6 bonnet wont open any ideas ?

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    Default 1997 a6 bonnet wont open any ideas ?

    bonnet on 1997 a6 2.8 wont open Pull handle inside car nothing maybe cable broken .how do I access?

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    It could just be a stretched cable.
    If you can get behind the lever under the dash, you may be able to grab the cable end with a pair of pliers and pull it open.

    Failing that you'll probably need a hoist and you may need to remove the bumper.
    You should then be able to reach up to the latch or cable and open it. Then work out why you can't open it with the lever.

    There is a small amount of adjustment at the catch if it's simply cable stretch.

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    I had this with a similar vintage a4. I used a long threaded rod with a couple of nuts and a washer on the end for surface area. Get under the car with a torch and hopefully you can find the latch from underneath and pop it open. Easy to do the second time but a pain the first.

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