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    Thumbs up Urs4. 4sale

    Not a show room car.

    But I ain't asking $26k
    Like that red one few mouths ago

    1993 URS4 six speed manual
    Charcoal ANN 2.2l ... you know the rest :)
    Has a few mouths Vic rego.
    Was my day daily drive but
    But I needed a Ute.

    Really want to sell them together.

    Project 90q rally car.
    Pro built roll cage cost $4000
    DMS 50mm fully adjustable
    Shocks $7500
    Sparco seats...
    To much to mention.
    It needs a motor and wiring done.
    Few others things.
    I have two 7A engines in parts
    And more parts then your trailer can
    carry :)
    Last thing I was doing was looking at
    mounting the radiator in the boot.

    That was two years ago now.

    Since then
    Got married
    Moved to Westen Vic
    Bought a place
    Starting a business
    Need money to build a workshop

    You can pm me or call or text me on
    043838 1860

    Thanks guys please spread the word.

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    can you post up some pics? I'm sure many would be more interested if they could see the state of the car, external and interior would be great.

    This thread closed. See this one for more info.
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