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Thread: Audi Q7 Rear Seat Entertainment System

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    Thumbs up Audi Q7 Rear Seat Entertainment System

    Hey! I’m Jarrod from Autofidelity and today we’ll be looking at the brand new Audi Q7 Rear Seat Entertainment System.

    In this car we’ve also retrofitted the genuine Audi TV tuner, which then not only allows us to have the TV tuner coming through the factory screen at the front, but also the rear screens at the back.

    In the boot of the vehicle we’ve mounted the Alpine 6 DVD changer. Now to change from TV tuner to the DVD player, we just press the select button on the screen. This then takes us over to our Alpine 6 DVD changer, we then use the remote control, select play all and start watching our DVD.

    Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to like us on facebook, follow us on instagram, or our youtube video series to keep updated.
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