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Thread: Audi tuner in Perth

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    Hi don!

    Yes, we are able to do tuning on many Audi/VW models. If you have any questions flick me an email;

    Our pricing is highly competitive and we include a full diagnostics session with the tune. Every piece of data we read from your car in the scan we share with you in a report as well.
    Tuning an RS5. Worth it? Cost to gains. Seems besides bolting on a supercharger that theres really not much out there. ECU cost is circa $2k for less than a 5% gain in power. Same for cold air intake and exhaust the same.

    The 4.2 seems squeezed to the max.


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    I believe Cade at Racing Dynamics does custom tunes.

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    My SQ5 TDI is going in for a Stage 1 at Ramp Auto in early April. It will be a Recode Tuning System tune.

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