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Thread: New SQ5

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbillsy View Post
    Sounds to me as though Audi are positioning the new SQ5 as a quick version in the Q5 range, but leaving room for an RSQ5 that would do sub 5sec 0-100km/h making it clearly the benchmark in the Q5 range.

    Maybe the diesel version will be the RSQ5?
    Certainly. The SQ5 is already outgunned by the GLC43 and now the GLC63 has leapfrogged even the Macan Turbo.
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    The GLC43 might out gun the SQ5 but it's not a diesel and it has a very stupid iPad thing attached to its dash(I can't believe that people think that the Merc interior looks good with that crap non touch iPad thingy)😂😂😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzAudi84 View Post
    According to the German forums I've been google translating, there will be an SQ5 diesel however it will be late this year at best, but most likely European summer next year. By the time it makes it over here you're looking mid year 2018 at best for Australia.

    It's a frustrating situation for buyers looking at the SQ5, especially considering the diesel could outperform the petrol while also being more frugal.

    The petrol unit is a peach though from my test drive of a new S5 coupe.

    I think the diesel scandal has caught Audi off guard, hence there is no 3.0TD yet available in the standard range either.
    That actually works out well for me if a new diesel SQ5 is available mid-late 2018. Have a few other projects running this year which should be all wrapped up by mid-2018 which gives me a nice kitty to reward myself. I'd prefer to wait and go with the refreshed interior than get the current model immediately.

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