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Thread: Q7 Service Centre - best priced to go

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    I have just bought my first Audi and its a Q7. Wanted an Audi for many years. I am wanting to know if there is a cheap servicing centre in melbourne rather than dealer. Anyone got any good reccomendations ? Cheers.

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    I've used these 2 before and personally prefer the garage
    AUDVOLKS - Clayton
    THE GARAGE - Brunswick

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    hi there, not sure which side of town you're in... i go to Prestige Car Service at Hawthorn

    Good luck!
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    I use Audvolks in Clayton and they have been great, very helpful

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    if you're from Melbourne, I'd also recommend Audvolks in Clayton, and also VolksTech in Heidelberg.

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    Volkswerke- Located in Doncaster, they moved from Greensborough
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