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Thread: IMPORT A7/S7/RS7 from UK

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    Default IMPORT A7/S7/RS7 from UK

    Hi ppl, is it hard to import A7 from Uk and how do I start with more information.
    Anyone done it ?

    thanks for your info
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    Do you currently reside in the UK?

    Have you owned the car for greater than 1 year?

    I personally wouldn't go to the hassle/expense for anything less than an S7.

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    I've had a couple over the years. Retrospectively, hard to justify. For a super special unit, it may be worth not only the upfront cost but more importantly the on costs. Emerging eventual component rust even on a near new car is usually eye wateringly expensive in the long run and no one is really interested in buying the car down the track. I wouldn't bother for anything I could remotely afford.
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    the general consensus is to only import a car that cant be gotten here. furthermore, the costs are more than just the freight and purchase price. living and registering/insuring the car for a year in the uk can get expensive, especially for high end cars.
    as mentioned, if u cant afford those costs, then the freight and purchase price is the least of your worries
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    Quote Originally Posted by MKD View Post
    Hi ppl, is it hard to import A7 from Uk and how do I start with more information.
    Anyone done it ?

    thanks for your info
    Audi A7? It has to conform to EPA/DOT standards. I suggest contacting
    They helped me import a few cars, but they were over 25 years old.

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    My brother lived in the UK for longer than 10years. While over there he bought a 997 and Fsomthing BMW 523d.
    They had the bummer for about 18months before coming home. The Porsche was a lot longer.
    Disregarding shipping costs as he got a deal with the rest of his stuff he brought back, it still cost home about $4k in Aus to get them checked and “complienced”.
    Both cars were available in Oz, so no probs with EPA, but they still needed checking.
    Biggest sting for him was they both needed to have tyres changed to “Australian market specification tyres”. He hadn’t planned on that, and a new set of shoes for the Porsche was a lot more than he thought.
    That was about 3 yrs ago now.
    Apart from the tyres he’s still ahead of buying the same cars here.
    I’d stick with what was said above.
    If your living there, Wright up the cost of what you got.
    If your not living there, it needs to be something special !
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