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Thread: IMPORT A7/S7/RS7 from UK

  1. Default IMPORT A7/S7/RS7 from UK

    Hi ppl, is it hard to import A7 from Uk and how do I start with more information.
    Anyone done it ?

    thanks for your info
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    Do you currently reside in the UK?

    Have you owned the car for greater than 1 year?

    I personally wouldn't go to the hassle/expense for anything less than an S7.

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    I've had a couple over the years. Retrospectively, hard to justify. For a super special unit, it may be worth not only the upfront cost but more importantly the on costs. Emerging eventual component rust even on a near new car is usually eye wateringly expensive in the long run and no one is really interested in buying the car down the track. I wouldn't bother for anything I could remotely afford.
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    the general consensus is to only import a car that cant be gotten here. furthermore, the costs are more than just the freight and purchase price. living and registering/insuring the car for a year in the uk can get expensive, especially for high end cars.
    as mentioned, if u cant afford those costs, then the freight and purchase price is the least of your worries
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