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Thread: A4 b6 1.8t flatspot/miss fire

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    Default A4 b6 1.8t flatspot/miss fire

    Hi guys,

    Got a 2001 A4 1.8t it developed a small flatspot awhile back and it has gotten worse to a point where its making it difficult to drive. The flat spot is intermittant mainly on acceleration or under load like up a hill you can feather the throttle a little to find a sweet spot to get going but it istarting to happen all the time. So i found a code 17748 and the mechanic said timing belt sagged cause there was a bad oil leak so i have replaced the timing belt and seal also change the hydraulic tension setup for a solid one still the same. Found the turbo leaking so have up graded the to the ko4 and fitted a front mount still the same. Replaced the spark plugs and coil packs with the red s ones still the same. I have gone through the connetirs with cleaner and conductive grease no different.
    Im thinking cam or crank sensor next, someone had mentioned cam chain tensioner and runner collapsed but not hearing any noise. Has anyone one had this same issue?

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    I had a similar problem. I can't remember the codes that were thrown, a progressive fix of the crank ventilation and pollution system fixed it.
    Check all your hoses and pipes, especially the ones under the manifold, connecting to the engine and also the PCV (sometimes called the pancake valve).
    I had a buggered PCV, crank case vent pipe znd the crank vent check valve.
    Replaced them no problems since.
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