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    Just curious, but how many members use their R8 on a regular basis. I don't mean going to the shops on a weekend but actually using it as a daily drive to work.

    I only ask this as having mine for 9 months I have only seen one white convertible in Turramurra (NSW) on a weekend in that time. Mine is the daily drive and love it!

    Also, can anyone recommend an exceptional car audio specialist in Sydney, preferably in the North Shore.



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    Hi Lou, yeah, it's a shame to keep a wonderful car for drives to the shops! They need to get out and stretch their legs... that reminds me, I must go for a blast in mine (not R8!) some time!

    Go and speak to Derek at European Autotech (in Mona Vale)... Tell him Stu sent you (and hopefully he won't charge you more )

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    I'm not sure what you do for a living, but for me the decision to daily drive a car like an R8 is more about making the right impression at work than whether the car is suitable for daily duties.

    Unless you're in one of a small set of professions where high earning is seen as "acceptable" (medical specialist, QC) or where driving a nice car is part of the corporate image (real estate agent, dealer principal, motoring journalist) then it's hard to drive an 'exotic' car on a daily basis without encountering negativity in the workplace.

    As a small business owner I make a point of keeping my cars away from customers and employees, which precludes driving them on a daily basis. Having a nice car tends to create the immediate impression that you're ripping off your customers and/or underpaying your employees, neither of which is very helpful in a business environment. I've driven my sub-$20K, 33 year old Porsche to work in the past and had a customer show up in a $90K HSV and accuse me of overcharging on the basis of my 'expensive' car in the carpark.

    If you're in the lucky situation where you've worked hard to own an R8 AND you have a work environment that allows you to daily drive it then you've achieved the holy grail - I'm very jealous!

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    Guess What - I'm one of the lucky ones. I didn't ask for a social comment, but a simple answer to a simple question - not ramming the fact I have this car.

    My clients love the car as do the 70 odd people working at my place of work - no jealously, but simply an appreciation of the car!

    Here's a story, many months ago going down Mona Vale round near Pymble I heard a Harley close by. Couldn't pass me (I was in the middle lane) eventually the biker passed whatever remaining cars and pulled beside me. Tough looking dude with emblem on his old jacket, with a skeleton mask covering his face. My thought he was going to kick the door, instead he bent down, looked at me and gave the big thumbs up and took off. Appreciation is the name of the game.

    Leaving the car in the garage until the weekend and only taking the car out if its not raining is ridiculous. Its there to be enjoyed. Its a car and should be used accordingly and appreciated for what it is - a great car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louc View Post
    I didn't ask for a social comment, but a simple answer to a simple question
    Fair enough, I was only providing my thoughts as to why you haven't seen many other R8s on your daily commute.

    I don't have an R8, so I'll leave it at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesatfish View Post
    Fair enough, I was only providing my thoughts as to why you haven't seen many other R8s on your daily commute.

    I don't have an R8, so I'll leave it at that.
    i understood where you were coming from!
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    Had my R8 now for 8 months and drive it 2-3 x per week during weekdays and every weekend. I could daily drive it except there are times I need more luggage capacity than the frunk allows. On the weekends though it's the most popular car in the family. Everyone wants to take it out.

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    my brother has an r8 convertible, he lives close to his work, so usually walks to work, but he does need to visit other work venues, so he does use his r8 a few times a week. however, he does have a child, so often when he does go out, he needs to use the family car as he needs more than 2 seats.
    havng said that, i read an article and it stated that there were only something like 25 convertible v10 r8s sold since its release, maybe its an older article, but those are pretty low numbers australia wide, so that makes spotting an r8 rare nonetheless

    oh, and if u mean turramurra as in the st ives area, then it was probably my brother, as we have one of our businesses around that area
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