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Thread: Creaking noise coming from my SQ5 sunroof

  1. Default Creaking noise coming from my SQ5 sunroof

    I've had my SQ5 since new,bought it in 2013. Two and a half years ago I started to notice a creaking noise coming from somewhere inside the car. Initially I thought it was the rear leather seats rubbing against each other. On a drive from Mackay to the V8s in Townsville a mate was with me and straight away he point to the sunroof right above the drivers seat and said it's the sunroof creaking. So I opened the shade blind and the noise was still there,next I opened the sunroof one notch and the noise was gone. So I closed the sunroof again and the noise started straight away. Next I put my fist under the front corner of the sunroof above the drivers seat and pushed up and the noise goes away straight away. Over the last two and a half years Audi in Townsville have applied some type of lubricant to the rubbers/plastic of the sunroof,tightened the sunroof rails but the noise always comes back within hours of the so called fixes. The noise is now constant every time I drive the car,even with the sound system volume on 14 you cannot hide the creaking sound. I've had one of the main guys in the service department at Audi Townsville tell me once that there is usually a grace period in the first 5 to 10 thousand Kays where they cover rattles/creaks etc under warranty and it's only out of the goodness of their hearts that they still keep trying to fix my sunroof. I pointed out to him in no uncertain terms that it's a $100,000 Audi and when people jump in my car and hear the noise they say "how much did you pay for this car again,that noise is shocking". Not a good advertiseme for Audi hey!. I love this car but this bloody noise is doing my head in,even the misses started to loose the plot with in on our 3 hour round trip to emerald on the weekend. It goes to Audi Townsville for a service in two weeks time and once again they will "attemp" to fix it again....I'm not holding my breath but.

    So,has anyone else with a sunroof fitted to their SQ5 experienced any creaking/rubbing noises?


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    My wife's car has the panoramic sunroof and while I haven't had any rattles from it, it is my understanding that you want to periodically make sure that the rails and seals are THOROUGHLY cleaned and lubricated with the appropriate product (Krytox) as it doesn't take much to make for rattles and creaks in this type of sunroof.

    If you're going to get the dealer to have another crack at it I'd take plenty of 'pre' photos to ensure they really are doing a thorough job of it.

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    They assure me that they have been applying that lubricant/product every time it gets serviced or looked at.

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    There's another thread here covering this issue if you want more details, but yes the panoramic roof squeaking is a known issue.

    Ours was replaced under warranty about a year ago, haven't had any creaking noises since. Even the 50-odd kms of unsealed roads I drove today didn't generate a whisper from the roof.

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    I had the same sort of complaint in my '14 SQ5... creaking appeared after about 18mo, I worked out was the roof pretty quickly and was doing my head in for a while until it was raised as an issue last service in June last year. The car came back with some very sticky lubricant liberally applied to the internal and exterior rubber seals around the moving pane (and unfortunately all over the surrounding paintwork/glass ).

    I restrained myself and left a fair margin when cleaning the overspill, and allowed the applied substance to absorb for a few weeks before washing the exterior of the car and didn't wipe down the interior seal, despite now collecting dust. So far this has resolved it for me (nearly 12mo)


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    Every time I have taken my SQ5 to the dealership to get them to look at the sunroof they have applied the lubricant but I think it's time to push for a complete sunroof replacement. I can be driving on a dead flat road but if I turn the steering wheel side to side slightly the creaking noise will increase. I thought it was only Holdens that made noises like this😂😂😂

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    Morrie - got the same thing I think on my RSQ3 - seems to be coming from the roof but behind me adjacent to where the sunroof finishes and rear hinges for tailgate are.

    2017 RSQ3 Performance + and Mrs B's Tiguan R-Line APR (Stage 1)

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    Hopefully you have more luck getting your RSQ3s sunroof fixed then Iíve had with Mine Graham. Mine is still a ongoing issue,they never want to bite the bullet and replace my sunroof. All they do is lubricate it or pull it apart then put it back together again. At the end of the day everything they have done has done JACk to fix the noise!

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    Think I have fixed the creaking sound without Audi intervention.
    Targeted the rear hatch - the support struts.
    Fiddled with those, greased and cleaned pivot points and now peace is restored.
    Notably, not the sunroof.

    2017 RSQ3 Performance + and Mrs B's Tiguan R-Line APR (Stage 1)

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