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Thread: Not a great first post but need some advice!

  1. Default Not a great first post but need some advice!

    Unfortunately I hit a dog that ran across the road right in front of me in our MY17 Q5 Sport Edition. We live in a rural area where the speed limit is 80 so he didn't have much of a chance 😩😢. There was contact only with the black plastic bar insert on the drivers side which at first seemed the only damage. But the car has adaptive cruise control and the ACC sensor which seems to be mounted with 3 plastic plugs to the metal support (presumably to minimise damage with this sort of force). All the plastic plugs are broken. I went to my dealer (Bellbowrie Motors in Coffs Harbour) to see if it's worth claiming on insurance. The repair kit for the camera/sensor is $120 and a new black insert is $200 but they told me it needs a new wheel alignment to realign the sensor at a cost of $520! If the sensor needs replacing it costs $5800!! I have cable tied the sensor so it doesn't fall out.
    what I need to know is $520 for a wheel/sensor alignment correct?
    2.while the sensor appears undamaged apart from a very small scratch, when I try to activate the ACC, the dash says that 'ACC not available' Is this a sign that the sensor is indeed damaged or not?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

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    Welcome to the forum, sorry you are having problems which is always a pain when the car is new. $520 for wheel alignment/sensor check seems a little on the high side but everything when you own a German car is. I would suggest you find a local Euro mechanic and get a second opinion, if it does look like the sensors are stuffed and will cost the $5800 then take it back to Audi to have it done properly.. my bet is there will be no spare parts in the country so be prepared for a wait and a few trips to the service centre.
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    I'm getting a new Windscreen put in my SQ5 next wensday. Because I have adaptive cruise and lane assist,once they fit the window they have to "recalibrate" all the sensors again. Lucky I have unlimited windscreen replacement with my Ryno's car insurance(the recalibration cost is included in my insurance". Audi Townsville told me they charge $450 for the sensor recalibration,so it sounds like your mob is trying to rip you off.

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    Thanks for the prompt replies!

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    Hi Fang
    I have calibration instructions for the Q5 distronic unit which is the device you are talking about if you are interested.

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