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Thread: Service recommendations for B7 RS4 - DRC fault

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    The KW instructions use a plug on the end of the DRC line. KW charge $49 per plug, it needs 4
    I wont be using the DRC again but I also don't want hydraulic fluid randomly dripping out.

    Does anyone know where to get the plugs locally or what the thread specs are? It should be very cheap to get a machine shop to make 4 little plugs once I know the thread specs.

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    For proper way to cap off the lines (or with the view to reinstall DRC in the future), you will need 4 of these,

    Apparently these female plugs are uncommon size and not easy to find.

    I have ordered a few of this plugs from this company but I haven't use them yet as I am still waiting for the "right time" to install the coilovers.

    Alternatively, you could just use with some rubber caps to plug the lines.

    BTW, I have a set of new Stasis/Ohlins SL coilover if you are interested :)

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    Btw, there is a cheaper alternative for the DRC line caps made of plastic. About AUD$32 shipped for a pack of 25.

    Search for "M12x1mm metric threaded caps" on ebay :

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