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Thread: B5 rs4

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    Bump. At 48k now!


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    Bump! Down to 43k now. Very good deal for a car of this quality!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by IchBautAuto View Post
    Just to tidy this up, the black Aust spec cars came with Alcantara trim and the Avus NZ spec cars re-directed to Aust that I've seen came with full black leather. Alcantara has it's limitations as time passes, not a lot that you can do either. I've over trimmed my wheel in perforated leather to preserve the Alcantara. World production of the B5 RS4 was about 6,031. Got the exact figures around but that's very close.

    The B5 is a much better looking car in my mind. The videos say it all for me. Picked up a swag of HD stills from the guy that made those videos. Stunning stuff on a HD screen. Did a 300 KM drive yesterday out back of Young and surrounds. Wouldn't have wanted to be in anything else. Certainly wouldn't knock back a drive in a Porsche or Lambo, but with these you get to drive under the radar as 90 odd % wouldn't have a clue what they are. All that needs to happen now is marry the right buyer with the right car.
    Can sort out rowing some gears in a boosted P car if your are in Melbourne and I am in town. Otherwise if you do another road trip to Perth next year you need to swing by. That said much better roads down my neck of the woods in Melbourne within 5 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes in Perth.

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