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Thread: How to: Update Maps in MMI

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    Is that a screen shot from the international site?

    Quote Originally Posted by beanoyip View Post
    Maybe mine is updated so can't download.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A3Fan View Post
    Is that a screen shot from the international site?
    Yes, only the int. site has a download link, myAudi Aust only has a link to tell you to register at the int. site for map downloads..
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    Just went onto the Int site and downloaded the 2018/19 map update for Oz for my S4 and loaded it into the MMI via an SD card - 10 minute task and achieved via Mac OS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sargo View Post
    Updated my maps on my MY17 S3 from the MyAudi site about a fortnight ago.
    Maps updated just fine, then lost my ACC, my lane correction, my Apple Play and various other random things.
    Took the car to my local Audi dealership, they explained that the map upgrade corrupted my cars software and they require $880 thank you to make it right.
    This is a car under warranty mind you.
    Called Audi customer care and they are "looking into it". The dealership then would not release my car until I paid them $240 for looking at it (not fixing anything).
    I would suggest you give the map updates on the MyAudi site a wide berth until they sort their $hit out.

    In the end, my local dealer needed my car for a day to reinstall all the software in the car. They refunded the $240 and the software reload was also not charged for.

    Thanks Audi, has anyone else had this problem?

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    Hey All - recently purchased an A3 MY16. Either the dealer reset the unit or the old owner never updated maps and I still have the 2016 maps. Because I have passed the 3 years mark is there any way to get an update without going to dealer and paying $900 ???? I'm based in Sydney.

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    Map updates available on line (for MIB2 units and newer) are not VIN specific, you are able to download or share the maps freely until you reach the 6th version. Once you reach that version the licence embedded with the mapping files reads the last two hex digits on the filename and determines if the licence needs to be renewed. The map file has an incremental version like 02310018.md5 with 18 = 2018/2019, 20 = 2019, 22 = 2019/2020 and 24 = 2020. Once you exceed your licence's limit it is not generally possible to modify the metainfo2.txt file to cheat the system. The dealer needs to seek another licence from Audi AG for a specific period to continue loading maps.
    Maps within the version limitations can be loaded and reloaded freely as many times as you like.
    If you currently have a 2016 version then the maximum possible update would be the DEC 2018 maps (18/19 version). Maps are updated generally twice yearly in June/July and December/January with the other VW groups maps.

    A possibility is to used the VW map update site and see if you can load one of their maps - (this is if you have the SD card with maps loaded on them. if you have the hard drive loaded maps.
    The VW and Audi maps are identical, with all the same files. VW may not have the licence restrictions as I have been able to successfully update to the 2020 maps on a 2015 Golf with SD card based navigation (MIB2) well outside the original 3 year map update limit.
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    Really appreciate this information!! Would love to even just get the 18/19 maps if that was possible. Is there any sites out there that share audi maps ?

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    Also my unit is MHIG

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    Hey all....update! Just went back onto and the allowed me to download 2018/2019 map updates (mrm file) however my 2016 A3 does not recognize the SD card. HELP!

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    Check what format the sdcard is, FAT/FAT32 may work, if itís something else format it with those and load the files back on it and try again.

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