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    Default Engine Number??

    Hi All, am looking for some advice please. I have a 3.0T A5 2014 and am unable to locate the engine number???? We just moved back to Vic after a year in Sydney and I need to re-reg the car. My docs are all packed and still to arrive (assuming I'll ever find them after the move ). I am sure I am probably looking straight at it but just not seeing it. I can find the VIN no problems. Interestingly I just purchased a MY2013 3.0T Q5 last week (more to come on that later) and the compliance plate (on firewall) for that clearly shows the VIN and engine number. But not the A5? what gives??

    BTW does anyone know what the acronym CMUA stands for?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check out this thread:
    Engine type code location on the block
    CMUA is the engine model code for one of the 3.0 petrol variants.

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    Thanks @julianwhitta.

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    All resolved now. But I was still unable to find the engine number on the car anywhere. I am sure it is on the block somewhere but wasn’t keen to have to dismantle all the cowling just to find it. Locating the rego certificate in amongst the packed boxes was the answer.

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