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Thread: Shall I buy the new S5?

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    I managed to get somewhere around 9% on the quoted prices viz 117k against 129k, though another dealer quoted me 139k. My S5 is with black styling and all options except sports differentials.
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    Anyone added the sport diff? Worth the extra $$$ after driving with it added?

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    The new s5 definitely looks awesome

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    hi all, anyone else picked up a new sportback s5 recently ? can you share options and price?

    I am looking at s5 sb with technik and high gloss package which is $128,702,- DA according to redbook (pretty much aligned with dealer pricing) and from what I am reading 15% is possible, maybe more. 15% off would be $110k which is not bad deal.

    also, is Quattro sports diff and Dynamic steering worth it for daily driver? bumper to bumper
    2018 S5 B9 Sportback with Technik, Quattro sports diff, Dynamic Steering

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    Sports differential makes significant difference.i would get dynamic steering too to address the edge.

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    hi all, super stoked, just placed an order for S5 SB, Glacier white, technik, dynamic steering and quattro sports diff. Brand newie, will arrive Sept.

    woohooo !!!
    2018 S5 B9 Sportback with Technik, Quattro sports diff, Dynamic Steering

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    Lovely. Optics package too.?

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    what do you mean Optics package? as in the Blackout pack?
    2018 S5 B9 Sportback with Technik, Quattro sports diff, Dynamic Steering

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    If A5 is any indication, people should be looking at 20%.

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    Picked up my S5 SB week ago and absolutely love it. Bit surprised it has to be kept under 4200rpms for first 1000kms, would have thought they get these engines ready to go full on from factory. It does feel quite tight so i guess it needs that 1k to loosen up.

    Otherwise its amazing. Takes a while to get used to coming from smaller and lighter S3 but I absolutely love it.

    Question, I put the sim card in, outside of google maps, what does it gove? I dont have the audi connect option in the menu like i can see ppl have in UK on youtube.

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