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Thread: C5 RS6 Avant

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    Thanks Alister,
    Now to find someone who can supply a leather die to match. I have no rips just creases where the colour has come off.

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    Drove to port Macquarie and back last weekend. What a fantastic car to travel in.
    Put it away after unpacking. Next day I wanted to give it a wash. It wouldn't start. Battery has died. It is 7 years old. $495 for a genuine one. I ended up at the battery factory and picked one up for $330 with 3 years warranty.
    From what I am seeing these cars don't suffer from any more problems than other other performance cars at the same age. It just cost 5 times as much to fix.

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    A bit of belated advice, the AGM technology batteries that are mandated for the start / stop technology cars are sometimes offered as a replacement for a normal battery. I have had 3 of these (all Varta) and they have not gone the distance. They are said to provide more starts (which they probably do), but their life has been about 3 years max. Just outside the warranty. The Silver calcium style have lasted me 5-7 years each. Easy to tell, give the battery a full conditioning charge and let it rest for a week. The older style battery, even at 5+ years is still holding ~12.6 v. The AGM technology battery after 2+ years was settling at an increasingly lower voltage until one cell died. For once, the theory and the practice haven't aligned.
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    Went with the wet battery. It looks identical to the VW one that died. Even has the same inspection glass and breather holes.
    The RS6 has the large 110Ah in it. It's 390cm in length.

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    Looking good Greg!

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    Next problem fixed. Had a small vibration when braking and turning. CV on the passenger side has had a dodgy repair. They used hose clamps. Purchased a complete drive shaft from Repco for $300. It went in nicely and the car is very smooth again.
    A lot of talk overseas about a transmission ECU tune. Any know of someone in Australia that can do this tune? I have tried a few guys around Sydney with no luck.

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