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Thread: C5 RS6 Avant

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    Yeah there was but its gone from carsales so I guess I was to slow TBH I wasn't even looking at RS6's until then. Had been thinking RS4/M3/335i/C63 but once I started researching the RS6 it really sucked me in!

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    The RS6 Avant in Tas is back on car sales

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    Yah thanks mate, I actually went & test drove yesterday

    Engine & drivetrain seem strong, no clunking in gearbox & pulling nice & smooth. No leaks in engine bay & hoses think i could get to are all good. Body & interior are a bit crappy , external not 2 bad but interior has been used as a tradie ute bascially (wtf?!??) and a few rattles. Odd vibration in accelorator pedal but from a bit of reading this is a bushing issue that is pretty minor (hopefully lol).

    In 2 minds, would need to put at least $5k+ into in right away and then I'd say another $10-15k over the next 2 years. I'd like a project but need to convince myself to pull the trigger lol.

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    bought it :) Posted a cple of threads if you interested. Ty for input mate!

    Currently in Canberra and hoping to see you drive by :P

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    Sorted out a few problems. The MAF connectors were broken due to being brittle. The pink pin support bit was missing from the left connector. The sense wire was holding on by one stran. Got new connectors from Audi for $13 each.
    The other problems was the grommets that go in the manifold to support the air box are missing and so is the left side mounting bracket that bolts onto the rocker cover. The air box is just floating around. Have new bracket and grommets coming next week from Audi Canberra.
    I fitted a couple of grommets from Clark rubber for now and replaced the MAF connectors. Car is much better. Very crisp and alive now, the auto even changes much better. I might do the MAF seals when I fit the new bracket and Audi grommets.
    The only code still to look at is the cooling module.
    18393 - Coolant Control Module 2 (J671)
    P1985 - 002 - Malfunction - Intermittent.
    Should the fan run for a couple of minutes once the car is switched off when its hot? Its done this once only and the temp was at half gauge where it always sits once warm.
    More than likely a intermittent wiring problem. I will keep looking.

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    Fan should not run after it's been switched off. Car has special coolant pump what activates after switch off and runs few minutes to cool turbos down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomRS6 View Post
    Fan should not run after it's been switched off. Car has special coolant pump what activates after switch off and runs few minutes to cool turbos down.
    I will see if I can sort out the fault code. Car is not overheating so it won't be easy to fault find.
    Also had the secondary cats removed. Sounds much better and seems to spoil up quicker.

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    Painted the wheels in a carbon grey.


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    Looking good mate.

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    Thanks IchBautAuto
    I am looking for a replacement for my Bosch S3+ in my C5 Allroad 2.5TDI. I am getting a lot of somewhat conflicting information about flooded cell vs AGM/EFB batteries re stop/start, deep cycle resistance, durability, CCA etc.
    In general, I have found that expert and battery websites favour AGM, and the experience of respected peers favour flooded cell for my car.
    What I want for my allroad is a battery that says "start-ya-bastard" to my diesel on a cold morning and can handle the air compressor and luxury electonic systems.
    I think I will go for a flooded cell battery.
    Do you have any suggestions about brand/model, otherwise I will go with the NRMA branded delivered to the door.
    Regards, ginkgo
    2003 C5 Allroad 2.5TDI
    1996 B5 A4 1.8T (sold, still in family)

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