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    Mayweather vs Mcgregor

    Mayweather takes Conor Mcgregor into deep water and owns him. 10TH RD TKO.

    Loud mouthed Mcgregor talked a big game.. fully disrespected Mayweather.. but all that talk meant nothing now that the fights finished.

    Patience is key to victory. At the end if the day no matter how big of a mouth u got there is always someone better and hungrier than YOU!


    How embarrassing all that talk at the world tour press conferences.. and he didnt deliver.. now u can sorter understand why at the last weigh in he was actimg to hype himself and try to make himself believe that he would win and get a reaction from Mayweather.. just because the guys smaller doesnt mean he cant whoop you.. it shows weight means nothing.. height means nothing.. skills is what needed.

    Patience.. composure.. smarts.. let the loud speak. Shut him down the true way

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    Totally agree, and there is no way a first time contender is going to walk in and take the belt and title on their first fight.

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    Wifey & I thought it was a great fight.
    We thought Connor was gracious in defeat, and jeez, 50-nil, what a record from Floyd.
    Gutst effort by Connor to get into a boxing match with a World Champion, way out of his normal territory.
    Neither of them have reason to be unhappy,..$300m for Floyd & at least $100m for Connor who was making only $300 pw & living in a council house only a few years ago!

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    Guys really??
    Take the fight for what it was... Just one big money grab!
    And we all got sucked into it

    This fight could never be taken seriously!

    In other news, Congrats to Mayweather 50-0 fighting underdone competition for the past 5 fights.
    Not to distract from his experience in being on of the all time best defensive fighters of our time
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