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    I'm looking to purchase a 2015/6 SQ5 to replace my BMW M135i and the wifes RR Evoque (well if I can convince her).

    From all accounts there are no major reliability concerns; however, I'm interested in getting an extended warranty. What are people paying for these through Audi?

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    Bakks, can't say what it would be for the SQ5, but I did get a price to extend the warranty on my 2014 S3 back in march this year, from memory it was about $1200 for 12 months, and about $2300 for 3 years? Just ask Audi Australia. I didn't bother with it and decided to tune it. Couple of things to be aware of - You can only extend the warranty if the SQ5 is still within the factory warranty period, so don't get a 2014 model. Also, Audi will void your warranty if the SQ5 has been tuned, something to look out for if you buy privately. If you do buy from a dealer it should come with 3 months warranty (depends on what state you live in). If you plan to tune your SQ5 (I would :)) then don't bother with the extended warranty. Good luck.

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    I shredded my quote in a clean out a little while back.

    But, from memory, it was somewhere in the $4500-$5500 range for 3 years on my 2014 SQ5.

    Needless to say, I didn't take it up.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Given they seem reliable it sounds like a better idea to put that towards a tune (if I can find a company that will do it!).

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